Private Classes

Private (1 on 1) and small-group (2 to 10) classes are available with chief instructor Steve Erickson, 6th Dan.  To schedule a private class, please contact Steve sensei here.  Private classes are held at our main dojo location.

New Students

Sometimes, students new to aikido prefer to start their journey in a more controlled setting and private classes are a great way to accomplish this.  Private classes also enable an instructor to more effectively target a student's specific goals.   If your work schedule doesn't permit committing to our evening & weekend schedule, private classes can be customized to suit your needs.  Or maybe you just want to get a head-start before joining in with the regular classes.   Regardless of the reason for choosing private (1 on 1) or small group (2 to 10) classes, students will enjoy lessons tailored to their ability, schedule and personal goals.

Experienced Students

Private lessons are an effective way to accelerate your progress.  Steve sensei will spend one-on-one time with you to fine tune your stance, posture, movement and techniques to help improve your execution.  If you are experienced in another martial art and are looking to supplement your training with aspects of aikido, private lessons can be a successful way to do that.

Benefits of Private Classes

Personal Attention

When training one on one with Steve Sensei, you will receive direct immediate feedback on the execution of your technique.  Although this happens with all training partners, the benefit to having sensei as a training partner is that he knows exactly how the technique is supposed to feel.

Flexible Schedule

Regardless of how busy your schedule may be, private classes can be scheduled to fit in.

Personalized Training

When training in private classes, Steve sensei will always choose the right technique or exercise to do next. Which is an advantage over regular classes where everyone practices the same techniques based on a lesson plan designed for an entire class.

Private Class Fees

Length of session 1 or 2 participants 3 or more participants
Single class $140 Add $46.67/participant
4 Classes $520 Add $43.33/participant/class
8 Classes $960 Add $40/participant/class
16 Classes $1,760 Add $36.67/participant/class
32 Classes $3,200 Add $33.33/participant/class

* Prices are for standard 60 min classes.  Adjustments can be made for shorter or longer classes and sessions.
* GST not included in above fees, please add 5%.