New to Aikido

Prospective students can start anytime, however the beginning of the month is preferred. Watching a class before starting is recommended and a free trial class is offered to everyone. Loose fitting, comfortable clothing is all you need to bring.

New students are integrated into the regular classes. In this way, beginners benefit from training with experienced students. No need to worry about being pushed to train at an uncomfortable pace as everyone works at his or her own level.

BigRock Aikikai is a traditional dojo and we follow traditional ways. There will be plenty of bowing and Japanese terminology, which everyone picks up as they go.

Adult classes begin with a light but energetic warm-up followed by tumbling exercises. Partner and group practice of self-defense forms compose the remainder of class. Everyone works on forms according to their skill level. The Parent class is a special class for adults who have children participating in our programs. The curriculum of this class mirrors that of the under 18 yrs classes so that parents are exposed to exactly what their children are learning. Training is done at an adult level.

Classes for students under 18 begin with a variety of relay races. Students are then separated based on belt rank to work on self-defense forms. Class always ends with a game or other fun activity.

To arrange a visit or for more information please contact Sensei Steve Erickson here.