Youth Instructor Training Program

As an extension to training, senior students in the under 18 yrs of age classes have the option to volunteer their time and effort as mentors.  Students help to teach those who are their juniors (in age and rank).  The program begins by training to become an Instructor's Assistant, followed by Junior Instructor and finishing with Instructor.  Character traits such as patience, discipline and compassion are developed along with honesty and a good work ethic.  Minimum age and rank requirements apply.


Instructor's Assistant (Joshu)

New ITP participants

The BigRock Aikikai ITP is essentially a leadership program.  As a senior student, you are giving your time and effort to your juniors.  You are sharing the knowledge and experience you have acquired through your dedicated training.  Sensei is putting his trust in you; it's an important role.  Please keep the following principles in mind:

  1. Regular attendance is vital.  Sensei depends on you to be in class regularly so that your skills can continue to grow.  Your juniors will grow to depend on you as well when they see you in class consistently.
  2. Take your job seriously.  Sensei is going to give you tasks during class without directly supervising you; he trusts that you are going to take your responsibility seriously.
  3. Remember the no. 1 reason for the ITP - to give.  You are giving your time and effort while sharing your knowledge and experience generously to those who are your juniors.  You are helping to raise happy, healthy and strong Aikido students.

All the tasks and assignments you need to do to earn Joshu will be recorded in what's called the Joshu Workbook.  Print the following document to create your own Joshu Workbook.  Instructions on exactly how to complete your workbook are included on the last page.

Download the Joshu Workbook