Discussing Aikido in Calgary – Breaks from training

Posted on by Sensei Steve Erickson | Tags: break


Each year, around this time, I receive a lot of communication from students and parents about their upcoming absence from training. A break from regular practice, during the summer for example, can be a very good thing, as long as it is supported by frequent, consistent training throughout the rest of the year.

For those students who are making aikido a part of their daily life, a short break from regular training can be a wonderful reminder of how important that regular training is to them. When these students return to the dojo after a vacation they find themselves back into the training groove immediately with enthusiasm fully restored. They likely even return with a renewed outlook on their training as time away from the dojo can provide a new perspective.

Overly frequent training breaks, on the other hand, will inevitably lead to a student quitting aikido altogether. As a general rule, aikido training is rigorous and demanding. To survive it, takes a lot of dedication and perseverance. As a student trains regularly they get stronger physically and mentally and this is what carries them through the difficult training. When training is not frequent and consistent, the student simply doesn’t stand a chance against the demands of a martial way.

My advice on breaks from training … Train frequently and consistently enough throughout the year so that once in while you can take a well deserved break.

Steve Erickson

Chief Instructor, BigRock Aikikai