Online Aikido Classes!

Posted on by Sensei Steve Erickson

BigRock Aikikai's online class schedule for all students


Find all our online aikido classes here in our public Google Calendar.

More classes are coming online regularly so check back often!

Classes are hosted with Google Meet - safe, secure and reliable.  No software is required to attend a class.

Our online classes are organized a little differently than regular classes are at the dojo.  Instead of being organized by age-groups, our online classes are organized by belt colour / rank.  To locate the class appropriate for you, find the one with your rank in the title.  For example, yellow belt students should attend the yellow belt classes, blue belt students should attend the blue belt classes, etc.

If you don't find the class you're looking for or you have another question about online classes at BigRock Aikikai, please contact sensei Steve Erickson.